Arte Pellettieri

Pellettieri leather goods has been in the business for many years to manufacture and sell high quality leather goods such as jewelry cases, desk accessories, games, frames, watches, pen holders, photo frames, wallets and leather accessories.

Pellettieri Art was born as a perfect match between artisan tradition and technological evolution. The company, composed of a team of at least 30 people led by Mestri Pellettieri, has been producing leather articles of decades for decades.

“When the Florentine craftsmanship meets the demands of Fashion and Luxury”: the 100% made in Italy meets every need of fashion, making for the most famous luxury brands, more and more peculiar and innovative items.



Pellettieri Art has production capacity of thousands of pieces for each job, while still maintaining the craftsman’s fingerprint and the wisdom of knowing how to do it with your hands.

The machines and technology needed for some workmanship never replace the human component and the creative idea, the soul of each of their collections.
Each product is made exclusively at their Scandicci factory, using the most sought-after leather and the best materials on the market. They are scrupulously following every duty and obligation in the field of legislation, safety and respect for the environment.

Corporate ethics and human values are essential and sacred elements for Pellettieri Art.



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